this large gas giant was the homeworld for the Aetherian race. due to the high concentrations of Gravtite ore large land masses rose from the planet's large core when a large asteroid hit it causing large chunks of land mass rose to the planet's outer layer of oxygen. and became withered by the constant 40 mph winds. this also changed the rain patterns of being acidic ph level of 4.5 to ph level of 6.3 because the large amounts of limestone. the limestone particles increased the ph level of rain. later the planet's sky islands developed lakes. causing the formation of life forms. due to the planet being a sky world nearly 100% of all creatures adapted with Gravitite allowing lightweight bodies to fly but the high concentration of natural energy most lifeforms developed a natural force field.

Athanasy was a home to many flight based creatures. Aetherians on the planet have constructed large flying cities. during this time aetherians got to places quickly with the use of their wings. athanasy is the same size of Jupiter

Athanasy was destroyed by an unknown meteor