one of the strongest entity in the Xaliuris universe.

Dalrethlint is the current True Administrator of the Omniar Counsel, Though out Dalrethlint's lifespan it created multiple projects that are in favor for the inhabitants of Xaliuris. these projects include: Elemental Omniar, Deal with the Eternal Fighters, Eliminating Valcarunos Threat, and the Zerra Project.

as with all members of the counsel Dalrethlint has the ability to "Ascend" creatures who have the strength to handle, but the way that Dal does it is by having the creature complete something called "The Seven impossible tasks". however the successes ratio of Ascendance is 1 out of 264 million which is rather low, but the odd thing about the Dalrethlint strain is that Cores are missing a length of code that offers the Core with more power production, but by removing this from the Code the Omniar will have higher intelligence level, but a lower strength level