Dark John Hallur is a Voidian Project that reconstructed the mind of a human Fleet Admiral seeing that hallur's fleet configuration allowed for longevity of the fleet defencive measures. however during the reconstruction hallur mind was taken over by the Voidian demon lord known as Valcarunos, this allowed Hallur to do un human things and have no regrets for destroying hundreds of colonies throughout the Veharas ring.

when the Alpha was Destroyed the delta was constructed to try to take down the Aetherian Stronghold world {Aris} which ultimately failed. that's when the Omega was constructed (A giant ship that was the top research of bionics) which lead the assault to destroy the remaining Aetherian Defense in the Milky way. in which the omega had its Dark crystal core detonated from overheating destroying both the Omega And the Nightshade.

During the Aulnar event the zeta crashed, Causing its core to overloaded, killing anything on the zeta.