Cryion is one of the Cryoians who used to inhabit the now scorched Crynos. the energy that he gave off was of interest of the Omniar council because Cryion was the perfect match to fill in the role of the Omniar of ice

Cryion spent his time watching Crynos for one day to flourish again

Cryion's story: I was wandering around icemetal station. The frigid air covered the walls and ceiling with a thin layer of ice. Then I hear the alarms blaring I quickly looked out of the window to see a ship of purple metal which attacked without warning the ship nearby "Gladius" was destroyed almost instantly. The station fired its ice missiles at the alien craft. Eventually the Alien craft was destroyed in a purple flash. We lost so many, I was hoping that was a rouge ship, but that was shot down as I heard the speakers announced Slipspace rupture detected!  I saw another ship of the same purple metal appeared, then as if in a rapid succession another one and another one, hundreds of these Alien ships jumped in our fleet was no match. Then I saw hundreds, no thousands of smaller crafts headed to the station and overwhelmed it the section of the station that I was on survived but there was no power, the life support will fail in a few minutes. The section was nudged by a particularly huge alien craft. Its metal shined and as my vision begun to fade, I saw these demons burning Crynos. Jets of pure fire burned the surface. Then everything went black but then as if clear as a peaceful day I heard a voice ???: sad isn’t it? Watching your people being slaughtered, the ice world is no more. I got angry, are you the one who ordered this? Attacking a home world. Without reason? ???: no, I was not the one, but I can offer you a chance at revenge. Then a orb of light appeared, what are you? the orb of light spoke: I’m Phoenix the Omniar of Life and Death. I asked: are you a god? Phoenix: “no… far from it the ones in impenetrable shells are closer then us.”  “But what am I use to you?” I asked it. Phoenix: you have been selected by the Counsel of the Rings, your powers are what we need, and you shall become the protectorate/guardian of ice. The orb gave me something, Phoenix: “you have a choice….” Then it fades the crystal in my hand shivers with ice, and emptiness. Then I cradled it in my arms where I was absorbed by it, where I felt immense power, where I returned to my home where the surface of Crynos burned with glass, I looked around the planet to see the scorched remains of the Glacial Fleet but I can still feel their frustration trying their best at defending the planet but failed. Then I begun to resurrect the ships, the engines blasted to life with a new purpose with all the ships revived with scorched marks still burning, Then one of the Demon ships arrived, then the Scorched fleet begun to fire upon it. The ship begun to freeze over as the metal under the ice begun to melt, exposing those creatures to the Wrath of the Scorched Fleet, I joined in the fight my movements where quick and punishing then the ship melted like ice on a hot day. After the battle the fleet head back onto the planetary surface and disappeared under the oceans of lava.