The Technos Tetra is a rather historical ship for Humanity the ship was created to help get humanity out of its dark ages.

The Technos Tetra was created in Sanctrist city, as a primary battleship to defend against attackers, however the ship was redesigned to be the primary flagship when the Sanctrian takeover begun. its second form made it much more threatening, having four high damaging weapons in the front. lets say that it did not have very much competition in the air. which then the Sanctrians successfully take over the world.

When John Hallur discovered the Nazar the researchers of Sanctrist were success at upgrading the Technos Tetra during the Nazar war. this ship received a massive upgrade the upgrades include but not limited to: Improved weapon systems, shields, improved body frame, interceptor cannons, an Mk II Ion Fusion cores, improved engines and a convenient cup holder.

The Technos tetra was destroyed to give the ground assault force a straight shot to the Omega. but the Technos tetra didn't go down without a fight as it took down 4 Voidian Battleships, 7 Voidian Destroyers and 3 Voidian Cruisers