the Elite four ships that were created by the humans to protect humanity from destruction, the ships were of leviathan class. however all but one remains of this capital fleet

The Terrain: The commander of the fleet, because it holds the highest ranking officer of the human fleet. as well as the best fleet manager. the Terrain was destroyed by an reactor meltdown caused by zerra radiation

The Sendra: The Tank of the fleet, due to the very thick hull the sendra was going to be the tank of the fleet however the sendra disappeared when it entered slipspace. its remains were found in Shardius ring

The Valiance: The supporter of the fleet. due to the Valiance's capability to create fighters at a rapid rate and repair ships of leviathan class the Valiance took this role. However it entered slipspace and never came out, a faded version of it exist in Arnulis

The Aris Valiant: the Firepower of the fleet. due to the device on this vessle the ship was perfect for the elite fleet of the humans. however the other 3 fell leaving the Aris Valiant the only remaining ship left.