The Labyrinthian is the Largest Artificial Structure in the universe and is home to the Aetherians.

During its construction phase (The Age of Enlightenment) the Labyrinthian was constructed with slipspace tubes that allow Aetherians to get around the massive structure of the mothership by using level 5 slipspace, each section has a slipspace drive that in the event of destruction the section will teleport to a random area of the universe.

the Core of the Labyrinthian acts like an artificial sun allowing heat to be irradiated to the surrounding Sectors. but that's not its main objective, the core uses high proton energy barriers to direct energy to all of the sectors of the labyrinthian

however the Labyrinthian is not invincible it has serious structural problems in Gravitational forces (As the corroseum hull warps with gravity). however this was solved by making Artificial growths of Activated Gravtite.

The Labyrinthian was shattered during the Aulnar Event but its core will continue providing light to the planets that orbited the Labyrinthian.