The Terrain Flagship is a vessle created by the advanced company of Sanctrian industries. The Terrain is a part of the Elite Guardians that protect the human race, this ship is the commander, it has very thick armour and gold nano plating to absorb energy damage. 

Due To The Terrain's massive size of 4.9 km long and 3.1 km wide, the ship is not allowed to fly over cities because of the shockwaves that this ship produce and it's Very bright lights. 

The Ship is controlled by Fleet Admiral John Hallur who successfully Defended earth with a small battle group from the nazars, the Terrain is armed with 8 broadside blasters, 3 point defence guns, 10 plasma cannons, 1 hydra fighter bay, and 1 pulse beam cannon that can burn a 30 m hole into a nazar mothership