Welcome to Xaliuris. first, what is Xaliuris?

Drl: Xaliuris is a fictional universe of mine. i had it created when i was younger tho it wasn't refined unlike now i plan on Working for my entire life, and i will create a game for it and make music for it as well.

Hey i see some of your pages are missing info any idea?

Drl: Good question! see i don't come up with information on the spot because i have a short attention span because of my Autism. tho i try not to leave a page empty.

How do you explain your universe?

Drl: Magic, cough, snort snort* no but really i try my best to explain about this universe.

How Often you work on Xaliuris?

Drl: almost daily, but i don't jot everything down on the spot or in this case not everything in the Wikia.

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