the Xaliuris universe uses a tier system to determine your faction's technology advancements

10 your faction is at the stone age, and understands on how to construct things

9 your faction is in the age of metalworking but don't have fossil fueled machines

8 your faction has advanced into the steampunk era, oversized contraptions and are being observed by the local coalition

7 your faction is beginning to work on space travel, however this is the point of most species to wipe themselves out

6 congratulations, your faction have discovered Faster Then Light travel, and are now of interest of the Tier Zeros

5 your faction is highly intelligent and is almost self Waring free. you begin to discover new ideas.

4your faction is able to travel the dead-space in between the rings

3 your faction by now should have a Mother-ship or World Ship by this point, and are very advance an is able to work with gravity and should be able to preform rank 20 slip-space

2 Your Faction is of interest of the tier zeros and are very intelligent.

1 Your faction has created a pocket dimension, at this point your faction is going to be tested.

0 Congratulations your faction is at tier zero. your faction is almost godlike and is older then most stars. also your Faster then light jump drives should be able to reach rank 30 or more